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Cenit Inc. was formed in 2014 with the idea of offering convenience to all who sought it with us. Our founding principal provided businesses with the necessary resource, whether a hand or a crutch. Starting from the base, our company has now scaled to over 200 employees, all professionally trained in their respective positions. They stay seated only to provide the finest service standard offered in the industry. Forget mediocre management and tap into your business potential.


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BPO Services

The business process outsourcing (BPO) services offered by Cenit Inc. will assist you in optimizing your operations. Our expert workforce ensures efficient and cost-effective operations across the board, from customer service to data administration, so you can focus on what matters to business and gain a competitive edge.

Tech Solutions

Modern IT services from Cenit Inc. will give your business a competitive edge. We provide many specialized services, including program design and implementation, cloud hosting, and even cybersecurity. We can assist your business in remaining innovative and competitive in the digital realm.

Marketing Solutions

Innovative marketing services from Cenit Inc. will help your business stand out in a competitive market. Our team develops effective marketing strategies that engage people across channels, including well-planned campaigns and original content. Our comprehensive marketing strategy will help you grow your audience and make an impression on prospective customers.

More to Explore


Business Developers

Strategic planners driving growth. Identifying opportunities, forging partnerships, and expanding revenue streams.

virtual assistant

Vitual Assistant

Remote multitaskers. Efficiently manage admin tasks, schedules, and communications. Boosting productivity and organization.

Chat support

Live Chat Representatives

Real-time support champions. Instantly connect with customers, resolve queries, and deliver exceptional service experiences.

Web Developers

Website Developers

Creators who are comfortable with technology. Making websites that look good and work well on all devices. Improving one’s online profile and interaction with one’s website.

Customer Service Representatives2

Customer Service Representatives

Client-focused problem solvers. Resolving issues with empathy and professionalism. Ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers

Creative visual storytellers. Designing captivating graphics and branding materials. Conveying your message with impactful aesthetics.


Choose the option that suit every team

Non Technincal:

  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Back office/order processing
  • Data Entry
  • Customer Management
  • Email Support

Semi Technical/Sales


Starting at

  • Business Developers
  • Entry level developers
  • Technical Support
  • Recruiters/Accountants
  • Customer Success



Starting at

  • SEO
  • Graphic Designers
  • Animators
  • Web and Software Developers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • PPC and Social Media Ads management
Data analyze

Enhance Operations Through Cenit:

Cenit Inc. offers clients technical knowledge and a helpful attitude. We keep our BPO and IT infrastructure updated to reflect any developments made in current market. We applaud creative solutions because their success is dependent on originality and real quality. We put the needs of our customers first, creating bespoke solutions that provide them with the tools they need to succeed in the digital sphere. If you work with us, you'll see unprecedented success.

"They still maintain high quality in their main duties while being versatile."

Sean Keating
Retail Supervisor, TVape

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to hire a dedicated resource?

As soon as we sign the SLA anad the Job Description has been shared we start working on the hiring process. Usually the turn around time for a non technical resource is 15 days and technical resource is 30 days.

Do I have to pay upfront?

No, you pay as you go. Which means you will be charged from the day your required resource goes live.

Is there any subscription or setup fee?

There are no setup or subscription fees involved and no hidden charges.

Is there a yearly commitment?

There are no setup or subscription fees involved and no hidden charges.

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