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Travel & Hospitality

Welcome to one of the most crucial enterprises on earth. Rising fuel cost, furious challenge for client dedication and changing guidelines have all had their impact on this industry. In an industry where the requests of clients and meeting desires have turned out to be increasingly noticeable, it has turned out to be hard to give an extraordinary client experience.

Cenit, Inc. knows the struggle of the industry and can provide you with solutions to your client care issues and enable you to concentrate on your center business capacities.

We offer guidance for hotel, car rental, voyage organizations and online travel offices. Our Customer care team at Cenit, Inc is well proficient in dealing with the customers who are looking forward for a travel experience of a life time, from front line customer care for hotel loyalty programs to offering customized travel packages, we have it all!


Companies dealing with technology must have the ability to manage wide range of products and understand the mindset of diverse customer base all around the world in order to achieve competitive advantage in the business world. If you are looking for someone who can deal with an extensive range of networks and make it easier for your customers to find and connect with you then you can count on us.

We aim to work closely with your service and marketing teams to build a versatile, complementary collaboration approach that seeks to integrate and strengthen existing internal advertising, support and experience efforts to help gain competitive advantage and improve visibility on each platform and provide reliable and cost-effective customer support.

Communications & Media

As a huge Telecommunications organization, a key driver of reestablished development and progressing consumer loyalty is the speed and unwavering quality with which you handle client sales and support over an assortment of mediums, including social, chat, email, and telephone, for a differing exhibit of product offerings and service contributions.

Our Team of experts in the Telecom area has great command over instant devices and successful systems for helping enormous Telecom organizations enhance and develop.

We can provide you with such solutions which not just enable you to effortlessly interface with a huge number of clients communicating on a daily basis with your brand, but also can likewise bind together and streamline your advanced channels and advertising cost while bringing all important client information under one roof, enabling you to totally change how you draw in with your clients - and how your image improves to meet continuous and future client requests.

Real Estate

As an industry, the real estate sector is exceptionally defenseless to market instabilities. Thus it is significant for organizations working within the industry to maintain a high level of profitability, while additionally empowering cost proficient solutions.
Outsourcing your Customer Services to Cenit, Inc., an experienced Business Solution Provider, is an incredible method to unburden your association of these tasks and free more opportunity for your center capacities.

The wide range of listings and projects on offer makes it easier for the customers to find what they desire when it comes to property. Cenit, Inc. have a team of professionals who have been involved in making the real estate experience convenient and reachable for the customers around the globe.
Our solutions are aimed towards enhancing the processes for our clients, in order to provide a competitive advantage for their organization and to connect everyone who are looking forward to buy, sell or rent property with accurate real estate options. Also we offer the option for offshore customer care to bring you higher profitability at reasonable cost.

Financial Services

Cenit Inc. Customer Support provides the financial services industry with a full range of solutions.

The banking and financial services sectors are looking for ways to mitigate risk while providing what their customers want in the face of rising challenges with new regulatory enforcement, fraud and breach prevention and consumer demand for more online support. Cenit Inc. comprehends these necessities and gives profound area aptitude to help explain the changing scene of this industry.

When it comes to financial Industry we provide computerized advertising administrations, client care, or back office support, we convey a consistent, safe way for taking care of delicate client information.

Health & Insurance

Human services far and wide is rapidly evolving. Medicinal services change has made a totally new industry making mass disarray with purchasers.

Since there is nothing more significant than your wellbeing, Cenit,Inc. cautiously approaches the requirements of customers. We provide the resources and expertise you need while guiding you in saving money at the same time.

Our help gives better in general answers for individuals, better comprehension of wellbeing change for payers and progressively effective procedures for suppliers. Cenit, Inc. gives authorized and non-authorized specialists in a HIPAA agreeable condition. Give us a chance to deal with this chaotic framework while you center on the strength of your purchasers.


To reach and connect with clients, automotive companies are compelled to fall back on divided interchanges endeavors through a differing exhibit of media channels. This prompts a pile of information that isn't anything but difficult to orchestrate and place into viable use, enduring the additional outcome of separating purchasers from the brand.

At Cenit, Inc. our aim is to sustain product identity and influence while unifying marketing efforts,support and expertise between the networks of dealerships.

We can rapidly help Automotive companies and their vendors successfully arrive at clients at each phase of the client lifecycle, from focused pre-buy showcasing coordinated to associate with leads in their obtaining choices, to estimated support, administration, and intake honestly following any exchange or connection.

Energy & Utilities

The requirement for planning and managing limited resources with regulatory standards and access to financing causes intense difficulties for organizations in the energy and utilities Industry.

Cenit, Inc, an expert IT-BPO specialist organization, will empower your energy or service company to increase an upper hand through outsourcing, which will allow your in-house staff to concentrate their endeavors on strategic, client driven objectives.
We provide BPO support services for energy and utilities companies such as oil and gas companies, city-owned utilities, municipally-owned utilities, retail electric providers, public utilities, water suppliers, natural gas pipeline companies, local distribution companies, solar power companies, energy generation, distribution or retail companies, energy trading / renewable energy companies, and others.


Many studies show that 80% purchasers utilize a gadget for internet shopping. The interest for giving incredible client care has additionally expanded, just as the interest for all day, every day client care. With progressive online decisions, offsetting cost decrease with an improved client experience is exceptionally troublesome.

We can help by furnishing answers for assistance organizations with their client contact, save money and improve brand loyalty. We realize that a superior client experience will upgrade an organization's reputation and lead to an expansion in deals. Our comprehension of the ups and downs of the retail business has served our customers and their clients well.


As online educational contributions become progressively assorted and complex, the need to outsource parts of the managerial functions have developed. In Present days, edification is outsourcing as much of their fringe capacities as could reasonably be expected, enabling them to concentrate on the main thing in the world of training.

The pattern of lessening the channel on their assets and the acknowledgment of the fact that it is so costly to do some of the functions required for students, staff, and guardians has prompted managers searching for choices. Cenit, Inc. has the arrangement by offering a profoundly prepared workforce who can immediately turn into an important expansion of your staff. Front line care, back office email, and chats are a portion of the administrations most generally utilized here.